Poetic Form: Dansa

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She sits waiting forever

Pining is sweet sorrow, and the eyes speak their own tale

People hustle about unmindful of one so frail

Strong bonds forged over years strain to sever

She sits waiting forever

Around every corner, she seeks hope like a holy grail

Patience a virtue she has long mastered on every trail

A fool on a hill, her eyes moist never

She sits waiting forever

Rain, sun, and hard shale affect not the optimism of her tail

Breaking news of her loved one’s demise hits her like a gale

Her wet fur and floppy ears and a head so clever

Yet, she sits waiting forever

A poem following the dansa poetic form of a quintain (AbbaA) followed by quatrains (bbaA). The first line of the first verse repeats at the end of each verse including the first verse.



Poetic Form: Curtal Sonnet

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Light as a feather, she skips in joyful abandon

Unmindful of the hungry eyes that devour her

A shadow of darkness falls on the unbridled gaiety

Wings of gilded gold spread like an airborne mansion

Darkened trees fear to stir

Bow in obeisance to the descending diety

In that instant, she knows she is but a fool in the rain

Too late to escape the talons of destiny, now a blur

Cruel and determined, with power so mighty

She accepts her fate and that she will be slain

A little bird in a life of brevity

An 11-line curtal sonnet with the rhyme pattern a b c a b c d b c d c



Poetic Form: Decima

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Ed flicks a spec from his red coat
Snow white beard trimmed to perfection
Looking for a new direction
Stores closed, yet he carries his tote
Ambles down to his little boat
In the old dock, a lonely child
Hungry in eyes and hair so wild
Toys, Ed springs from the trusty sack
Such a joyful smile he gets back
His heart happy by one beguiled

Decima has many forms. This poem uses the Puerto Rican form with eight syllables per line and with a rhyme pattern ABBAACCDDC, for a total of ten lines.



Double Acrostic Poem

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Flying by night one sees the grim faces in the naked light of grief
Moribund vehicles zig-zagging with no thought of harm
Green and blue in the distance beckon the travelers away for long
Hasty and fiery, they return in a rush
Crowding the space that one thought was infinite in its arc
Lights appear to guide the crafts in arrangements so floral
Even in landing on the home planet, the wait is indefinite
Smooth though the landing, the world is still in chaos



Poetry Form: Double Acrostic

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The heart splits asunder with a single thought
How have you turned the sky into the earth
Where stars tread in your angelic shadow
Meandering are my days navigating the strands of your charm
Limitless in passion, unending like streets of floral
Every fiber of my being throbs for that surreptitious glance
For it is you who makes my life devoid of grief
Such a potpourri of conundrums, you leave my soul calamitous



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